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Dear Diary,

I do not know where to begin. Maybe I should start where everything went wrong. I was following this Cipriani family close, maybe too close. I had a person on the inside, a young girl, 18 years old. Her name was Maggie. She worked as a maid for one of the Cipriani brothers, Martin Cipriani. I caught her trying to break into a car about 6 months ago. I busted her but once i found out who she worked for, I could not resist. I gave her an ultimatum, either she could go to jail, or help me bring down the family by feeding me information. It was risky, but I was too obsessed with bringing down the Ciprianis I forgot I was playing with people’s lives. For weeks she was feeding me information, she’d listen in on conversations, plant bugs, even work a shift as an exotic dancer just to find out where the next shipment of dope was coming in. But i took it too far. She sent out an SOS signal from the Cipriani house. I drove like a madman to their mansion. Busted down the front door, only to find a trap. Except she wasn’t the hostage. Martin was. She had been planning to take down her employer the whole time. She knew if I helped her, it could give her enough time to take down both Martin and myself. I yelled at her to put the gun down. Tears filled Maggie’s eyes as she pointed it at me and whispered “I’m sor-“. That was when i shot her. I had no choice, she had the gun pointed at me and my target whom i needed alive. She was a strong girl. She could’ve been a fine detective. If only she listened. Oh God if only she listened. I’m sorry Maggie.


Detective Carter Smith

NYPD, 5th precinct

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