Weekly Summary

This week has been chock full of activities. Where to start? I guess I should go in order.

Radio Listen

My first post i had to listen to other students’ radio shows and reflect on what I had heard. I was very impressed with how NOIRtalks took advantage of creating their own sound effects and really using their voices to carry the tension, plot, and suspense.


My second assignment, I went to the inspire website to explore the artwork and creativity of other students and nonetheless I was blown away. I was amazed by the artistry of the students and i could sense the dedication and passion they had for certain things, by how they expressed them through their own art. They expressed their passion for tv shows, global preservation, movies, even their own pets! I wrote about how each piece inspired me in a certain way by forcing me to think about certain issues.

Character Collaboration

The next post focused on the ds106 assignment bank. This time we could any type of assignment, but it had to be designed specifically to our own character. Here we were given more freedom to choose assignments and have fun with how we integrated out characters into the assignment. The first assignment i chose to write a diary from the mind of my character. Here I was given the freedom to create whatever stories i wanted about my character. I decided to display the fact that my character was filled with regret and guilt for the murder of a young girl. The second assignment i used as a poster board for my character. If Carter Smith was to star in his own movie, this is the poster that they would use for it. I used “Outlaw Star” as a backdrop because that show, even though it’s anime, does have a lot of elements that are shared with my character.

Daily Create

My daily create consisted of a poem that i wrote about how music has impacted my life. I chose to write about how music a struggle between the artist and himself or herself. At first it feels like the music is going against you. But that’s only your own fear and insecurities that are holding you back from becoming a real artist. A real artist is one who speaks his life and lets the beat serve as a vessel for carrying that message to the world.


My final post is about commenting. I chose pieces of work to comment on that i felt i had a connection to. If it was about a movies series i watched or had something personal in it that i connected with, i commented on it. I was surprised to see how students were taking so much of their personal lives and integrating that into their art and blogs. That takes courage but also not caring about what others think. Some posts were funny, some others were creative but I enjoyed the experience of exploring other people’s work.


This has been week 8 with Daniel McLeod, signing off.

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