Week 7: Weekly Summary

This week has truly tuckered me out! But on the bright side a lot of work was accomplished this week with my group. Here is a summary of the work I accomplished this week with my group.

The first post was a summation of the progress my group made creating the name of our show, name of our group, we bounced around some great ideas about the themes and protagonists of our show. We had decided to name our group “NeoNoir” and the name of our show is “The Silk Road”. We named the group NeoNoir because our goal is to subvert the bigotry of noir and modernize by pulling the classic noir elements into the 21st century. We allude to the real life Silk Road which was used for trafficking drugs and other black market deals. We also compared our characters, tweaking ideas, seeing how our characters could fit into this modern noir story.

The second post was an Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was to use soundboards of our favorite celebrities and to simulate a conversation with the soundboard. I chose Mr. T for obvious reasons. (He’s tough and funny) and i thoroughly enjoyed the conversation i was able to create. This assignment really allowed me to harness my creativity and humor.

The third post was another Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was simulate a phone conversation between two characters from the tv show “The Wire”. I chose Omar and Stringer Bell. In my take, Stringer is calling Omar because of something that went horribly wrong during a bad drug deal. However because of police monitoring, Stringer cannot explicitly state what Omar did. I tried to emphasize the gravity of what Omar in my voice, (and trying to emulate Idris Elba is damn hard).

The fourth post was another Audio Assignment that focused on my character Carter Smith. This assignment was worth 4 stars. I had to create my own theme music, using instrumentals and sound effects, this time for my character. I wanted the music to be funky, kinda upbeat, but the sound effects would also show hostility that comes with being a police officer. Like a 70’s cop show.

The fifth post was the final Audio Assignment for the week that focused on my character. It is worth 2 stars. The objective of this assignment was to simulate my character waking up in the morning using sound effects but not from the computer. The sound effects could only come from me. To make this simple, my character wakes up from a long night of crime fighting, opens the door to the kitchen and finds a soda cup and sips from it. He is groggy and slightly hung-over. (Hey cops can catch a break too sometimes.)

The last post i made was the radio show bumper for our group. Since our group is called NeoNoir i wanted to put a futuristic spin on the radio show promo. i wanted the voice for the bumper to be deep and commanding and grab the listeners attention wherever they are. Whether they’re in the car, at home, at work, whenever they hear this promo they will stop what they’re doing and listen to our radio show.

Finally here is the link to my comments and the posts that i commented on.

That concludes my weekly post.

McLeod over and out.

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