Week 7: Spring Break Summary

Radio Show Week 2

This week has been quite a challenge. However I am glad that my group has achieved a lot in this past week before and during Spring Break. ‘NeoNoir’ has progressed greatly, we already have our script and storyboard created for our radio show. We have integrated all our characters into the plot of our radio show and each character fits beautifully with the story. Our characters demonstrate a modern update of classic noir stereotypes. We wanted to have characters that weren’t hindered by the archaic, misogynistic mentality of the 1940’s. Our story has action, suspense, corruption, revenge, and even romance. These qualities are, what we believe, are central to any noir plot.


I continued commenting on other student’s blogs and posts and I was surprised by what i found. I didn’t know that certain students used their blogs to express their interests in movies and novels that I also shared interest in. Not only does commenting affirm students that their work is impressive but it also gives you a chance to express your shared interests and admiration for their creativity. I enjoyed reading and exploring what students have shared on their blogs!

Daily Create

This daily create is a reflection of when a limitation became a strength for me and helped blossom my creativity. Not necessarily having to do with writing or drawing but athletics. Just a memory I had of a basketball camp I went to over the summer eons ago. I remember that memory so fondly because it changed my perspective of a sport I have loved since childhood, Basketball.

In summary this week has been challenging but as I learned with the daily creates, limitations can often bring out the best in you.

On with Spring Break!


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