Week 7: #radioshowweek2

This week my group “Neonoir” pushed even further in our progress of creating this radio show. This week my group and I started crafting the script for the radio show, including dialogue and actor blocking (movements). With this script my group was able to create the environment and character personality through descriptions and actor dialogue respectively. We included all of our own characters in the script and we made great progress in crafting the story for our radio show. My character, Carter is an NYPD detective who’s trying to track down a dangerous cartel leader named Folami Turay. This cartel leader apparently murded Sophie’s sister, Katie. Sophie is a hacker who is aiding in the effort of catching Folami since she has a personal reason to do so. I really enjoyed how well my group put together the script for the radio show. There’s some great potential for character and plot development. There’s even some taboo love interests that make the plot more interesting. We also included where we’re going to place bumpers in the script for the radio show. This script has plenty of classic noir elements but also aspects of noir that we have modernized to fit the theme we selected.

Here’s the word document version of our script so far.


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