Week 7: Radio Show Progress #radioshowweek1

My group has made great progress with the ds106 radio show. We have decided to name our group “Neonoir”. The radio show will be called “The Silk Road”. Our theme is a modernized concept of noir. Taking the essentials of noir elements and translating them into a modernist concept of noir. Sound is the most crucial element of a radio show, our goal is to subvert the bigotry and archaic ideals that plague noir (xenophobia, sexism). My group members were creative and came up with some great ideas for a story. For example, Sarah had the idea to have a female protagonist, maybe a hacker who lives in an apartment and is involved in the black market, using modern technology such as smart phones, internet, laptops, etc. Since my character is a police detective, it would fit perfectly to have these two characters clash, a hacker being pursued by a detective who is only doing his job. We also decided to include allusions to the real life Silk Road, as well using the film “Sin City” for inspiration since the film is such a good example of modern noir.

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