Week 5: #designblitz

The first sign i photographed illustrated the lack of the element of Color in design. With a plain beige color background, white color letters and numbers this sign illustrates the lack of color element.

The second sign i photographed uses the element of Symbolism. I was intrigued by the photograph of Babe Ruth and the word “Drive”  underneath. To me this is a representation of what Babe Ruth and the word “Drive” means. Babe Ruth was an orphan who worked his way to fortune and fame. The word “Drive” serves as a mentality that if you have the drive to achieve something you can accomplish it. It’s a positive message to send to the world.

The third sign i photographed represents the element of Function. The symbols on the fire warning signs are simple and easy for any person to understand. There are no elaborate pictures with colors and textures, the design is simple so that everyone can easily understand what to do in a fire drill situation because the primary objective during a fire is safety.

The fourth sign i chose  illustrates the element of Proportion. The angle from which  took the photograph makes the characters on the sign seem larger and with more emphasis.

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