Week 4: Audio Storytelling #audioreflection

During 1930’s and 40’s many innovations were made in sound recording and editing that were expressed frequently in film noir. These improvements provided sound men with a plethora of resources that could affect mood and create effects. Certain standards and conventions were established in the mid 30’s. Sound helps drive stories by creating/keeping a beat, or pace to the scene on screen.  Sound helps maintain a rhythm on screen by marking transitions. This effect is especially important to certain genre types such as melodramas, adventures, thriller or action, western which require a fast paced sound for their narrative.  Sound effects are at the core of film noir ambience in terms of creating the mood or atmosphere in the world of the film. For example an office space would have the sound of telephones, radios, answering machines, etc.  The music i am listening to on ds106 radio is primarily dubstep/electronica. No vocals or choruses, just various sound effects from synths and other electronically generated sounds of music.

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