Week 3: What’s In Your Bag? #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1556



Short Term memory loss: My short term memory sucks. Like really sucks. I often forget things that I have to bring to class or errands that I have to run during the day. Against my will my dad bought me a small, blue notebook to keep track and write down things i need to remember. Don’t tell him this but it actually really works.



An Athlete’s Nourishment: Athletes need their nutrition. Obviously this isn’t the only thing i consume, but given that everyday i go to the gym to play basketball, you can bet that I’m always carrying a red Gatorade in my backpack for later use.



Music: This is the heart and soul of my lifestyle. I love listening to music. People surely under appreciate the influence music has on our emotions. I listen to music every second of every day, walking to class, working out at the gym, playing ball, studying, you name it. Which is why I always keep my white, SONY headphones with me to block out the distractions of the outside world and focus on what is important.


IMG_20150201_142441[1] IMG_20150201_142558[1]


Comic book lover: My guilty pleasure is indeed old comic books, whenever i get a chance, I brush up on the adventures of my favorite superheroes. Iron Man, Spawn, New Teen Titans, X-Men, all kept in my backpack. The brilliant illustrations on each and every page depict the fascinating world my mind can enter every time i open a comic book.

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