Week 3: Photography #photoreflection

I have never really had any true “professional” experience with photography. I’ve taken quite a lot of photos in my life obviously, but I was never really practiced or took classes on it. I’ve taken pictures just because I liked the view, whatever landscape i saw, wherever I traveled, I took photos because I thought, “Wow that view looks incredible, i wanna capture that on a camera”. But I think if I actually took a class on photography I might even enjoy it, there’s something to be said about the aesthetic nature of photography. It’s almost like freezing an amazing moment in time and sharing it with everyone. I usually have enjoyed taking photos of great landscapes, growing up overseas, it helps to take advantage of the unique scenery you can capture. But also I liked taking photos of human interaction. Like for instance, your group of friends talking, people at a party, etc. I never really try to instill meaning in my photos, it’s usually just whatever I’m feeling at the time. Or I might go neutral and photograph landscapes. The first step for me to improve my photography would be to get a better camera. A Nikon or Kodak would be very useful. But on a more serious note, after reading the sources, there’s a lot more I can do with lighting. Lighting to me is so crucial for photography, not just enough lighting but what kind of lighting. It can change the mood of a photo dramatically. One point that was made by Jason Eskenazi in the “Storytelling and Visual Literacy” video that along with photography, there’s a sense of visual grammar and literacy that is required. It’s difficult and hard to grasp because its changing the world from something round into something flat. From three dimensions to two dimensions.

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