Week 2: #WritingAssignments #WritingAssignments1565

“He belts her finally, knocking her into a cheap Chinese vase which shatters and she collapses on the sofa, sobbing.
GITTES: I said I want the truth.
EVELYN: (almost screaming it) She’s my sister and my daughter!
(Kyo comes running down the stairs.)
EVELYN: (continuing; in Chinese)For God’s sake, Kyo, keep her upstairs, go back!
(Kyo turns after staring at Gittes for a moment then goesback upstairs.)
EVELYN: (continuing) — my father and I, understand, oris it too tough for you?”
This quote from Chinatown piqued my interest the most because of the shocking reveal that is made in this scene. The protagonist, J.J. Gittes is questioning Evelyn Mulwray on the identity of the girlfriend of Mr. Mulwray (Katherine) and how she knows this woman even though she was cheating with Evelyn’s husband. At first Evelyn lies and says that the woman is her sister. But after Gittes catches her lying, he slaps her until she breaks down sobbing and confesses the true identity of the woman named Katherine. As is turns out, Katherine is both Evelyn’s daughter AND her sister, inferring that she was born after a incestuous bout with her father. This shocking and horrifying reveal made my jaw drop when I first read this screenplay. An unexpected plot twist in this genre of film adds to the “mystery” classification of this film noir.

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