Week 2: Weekly Summary

This has been perhaps one of the most turbulent weeks with this blog and all the assignments I’ve done. The readings were great, each story had elements of film noir but the characters were different from story to story. They all kept me interested and focused on the story, some of them i couldn’t stop reading. I was also given the chance for some real self-expression by creating my own character. I took some characteristics from my favorite sci-fi charcters, elements of sci-fi and noir films. I had to make sure my character sounded genuine and not cliche or generic for film noir. The writing assignments were a real challenge, they sort of force you to think outside of the box with how you can approach each challenge. But the best part was that i had fun writing each challenge. I enjoyed being able to create my own alternative ending for the readings we did. The Daily Creates are also really fun and allow for some easy posts that display creativity with photography. This week I completely changed the look of my blog site. It went from being a work in progress to actually resembling a blog that has character, a personality behind it, it looks as if someone actually made it instead of a robot.


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