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Video Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Enter an immense world filled with creatures of fantasy and quests of adventure, the world of Skyrim. The action RPG (role-playing game) released by Bethesda Game Studios is by far one of the most exciting, compelling video games releases i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This isn’t just about playing a video game, it’s about the virtual experience and Bethesda does an amazing job fully immersing their audience into the world of the game, it honestly feels as if this world could exist.


The gameplay of Skyrim has been revamped slightly since the last released title in the series, Oblivion. You can switch between first and third person view of the camera and the fighting styles in the game are solid and vast, providing for a wide range of ways to play the game. All the different weapons, spells, perks, abilities, Dragon shouts, potions, at your disposal truly allows for any player to play the game the way they want to play it. Each time you level up your skill by performing 1 of the 18 skills available in Skyrim. Kill your opponents with bow and arrows to boost your Archery, use a shield and practice deflecting enemy blows to boost your Blocking, One handed and Two handed weapons as well as various forms of magic spell casting such as Destruction, Alteration,  Conjuration, etc. You could create a character to be a walking tank, able to take damage with heavy armor, and armed with heavy two handed weapons. Or you could create a character with more stealth, increased Sneak, Light Armor  and Pickpocket to play as a character that kills his enemies with more stealth, the choice is up to you. The melee controls do feel a bit wonky at times, like you’re slicing at air rather than an actual opponent, but it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. This is an open world game, with such a vast continent and all the skills in the world, Skyrim is your oyster. 9/10




The plot of Skyrim is fairly simple and cliche but that’s not why the plot of the game is so great. You can pick and choose what destiny you want in Skyrim. You could just follow the main story plot, as the Dragonborn, the one prophesied to bring peace after the Dragons returned to wreak havoc on Tamriel. As the Dragonborn (Dovakhin), you have the ability to speak the language of dragons as well as possessing the soul of a dragon. However in lieu of following this main story quest, it is so easy to get sidetracked with the hundreds upon hundreds of side quests. Skyrim is truly a massive continent with so much to do and be explored. It’s not just about completing the campaign or story, its about exploration and adventure, pushing the limits of this virtual world to its ends. You can join the Dark Brotherhood to become an assassin, join the Thieves Guild to pillage and plunder, or join the Companions and become a noble warrior. 8/10




While playing this immense RPG, it doesn’t hurt that the soundtrack and ambiance of Skyrim leaves you slack-jawed and breathless. The music of Skyrim is powerful being able to greatly instill the sense of adventure, or spectacle in the right moment of the game. Climbing atop a great mountain range in Skyrim, turn around to witness the view behind you and the music will immediately change to reflect the awe-inspiring beauty of Skyrim’s landscape.  10/10



Last but certainly not least are Skyrim’s stellar graphics. The game looks absolutely stunning, the amount of detail placed in every creature, character, rock, river, weapon, tree, spell effect is astounding. The creatures in Skyrim look real and especially terrifying, adding to the fantastic adventure atmosphere. Character models look and perform very realistically, conversations flow and faces aren’t as distorted as they seemed before in previous games. The dragons in Skyrim look the best as the dragons are absolutely massive and instantly instill fear and awe into the player. The continent of Skyrim is also vast and diverse, from dark, wooded forrests, to lush countrysides, to spiky mountain ranges and sloping snow hills, Skyrim has environments for all players.  10/10


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