Week 2: #characterdossier

My character’s name is Carter Smith. An NYPD detective in the year 2047. He was born in Brooklyn, NY 2022 to Robert and Linda Smith. Robert Smith, a police detective, and Linda Smith, a school teacher. After his father’s death, Carter and his mother moved to Queens and his mother remarried. After his stepfather was eventually murdered as well, Carter moved his mother and his younger half siblings down to Houston to be safe from the Mafia gang that was after them. After enlisting in the military for 7 years, he discharges and chooses to become a detective in the NYPD like his father in order to find the men who killed him. Highly motivated by love for his family and revenge on the death of his father. Carter also had a wife named Sarah and a daughter named Maya. Carter Smith a strong, brave, and vigilant officer. Though many of his fellow officers are concerned about his “lack of restraint” when it came to arresting criminals, particularly those serving Antonio Cipriani, the mafia don who leads the Cipriani crime family. Carter Smith grew up mostly in Queens, NY. He played basketball and football in high school and excelled at both. He also frequently practiced his skill at gun ranges since he was 16. He has a tendency to pursue his own vigilante efforts at thwarting the Mob in New York, without being under the badge of a police officer.

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