Week 2: Alternative Ending #WritingAssignments #WritingAssigments1552

Alternative Ending for “Chinatown” screenplay

The original ending for Chinatown consisted of Gittes, Evelyn, and Katherine planning to escape to Mexico after being pursued by the LAPD. They planned to meet at a hiding place in Chinatown but the police arrive early and arrest Gittes. Evelyn warns her father Cross not to get near Katherine but after ignoring her demands she shoots his in the arm and attempts to drive off. The police open fire on Evelyn’s car and kill her. Cross retrieves and escapes with Katherine, even with Gittes wanting to pursue him.

An alternative ending for this plot is while the police have arrived at the safehouse in Chinatown and have arrested Gittes, Katherine has secretly been meaning to betray both Evelyn and Gittes. After Evelyn shoots Cross, Katherine grabs a gun and fatally shoots Evelyn and Gittes and wounds several police officers before speeding off in the car. Turns out Katherine has been working with the corrupt members of the Department of Water and Power who killed Hollis Mulwray, if she eliminated Gittes and Evelyn, she would receive $50,000 to get rid of the detective that had been snooping after the murder of Mr. Mulwray.

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