Week 1

This week I learned a lot about how to create your own domain website and how to post and embed media in those posts. I already had accounts for most of the social media sites that were required for this course, making that fairly easy. It was difficult just getting the time to sign up for all the websites and installing various applications and having to check emails to confirm that my domain was registered, etc. It’s a draining process but it had to be done. What was fun for me was learning about Film Noir. Actually i shouldn’t call it learn since I’ve taken 2 film studies classes that included film noir in the syllabus. I was able to re-explore a genre of film making that has consistently been one of my favorites, especially when they are adapted for animation. I loved being able to mention one of my favorite animated tv shows that had an episode that took elements of film noir and incorporated it in their narrative. I was also thrilled to watch some old tv shows and movies that showed aspects of film noir in their narrative as well.

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