The experience of listening to other students’ radio shows is unique for everyone because you get the opportunity to explore other people’s art and listen to the ideas they express through their radio show. For NOIRtalks, listening to their radio show was an intriguing experience. They mainly used their own voices for creating tension, advancing the plot, and uncovering information about the characters, all of this was quite impressive. They also kept the audience in the dark about most of the information about the characters. Damen and Layla answered questions that were posed by the interviewer, however the manner in which they answered the questions is crucial because that’s how information is revealed and tension is built. They did use other sound effects though. Occasionally, after each segment of questions, a cellphone would ring and the interviewer would answer to anonymous person to whom she only referred to as “sir”. Damen was a shy and nervous character who was questioning why he was answering these questions and refrained from answering anymore questions at one point. Layla seemed confident even a little sinister at certain points. Whoever did her voice made an excellent job of using their own voice to express character, tone, and create tension. Especially when she mentioned her “Russian” friends that could help her. The most interesting part of the radio show was the end. The interviewer had just returned from answering another mysterious phone call, just after Layla was about to reveal some shocking information about the interviewer’s employer. Then you hear someone press a button and a loud explosion is heard. The sound effects sounded genuine but not from a sound effect generator. The sound effects of the explosion sounded as if they were made by hand. Another outstanding example of ingenuity. Afterwards the interviewer, coughing, answers the phone the last time, this time referring to her employer as “Mr. President”. This radio show left me scratching my head with unanswered questions and the suspense was a bit nerve wracking. Hats off to NOIRtalks for a great job and creating a talk show that was seeping with tension, drama, and suspense.

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