Dinner party at 6

“Dinner Party at 6” is the talkshow that had the best use of soundeffects out of the talkshows I’ve listened to. Cleverly inspired by the classic board game, “Clue”, their characters were memorable and each had a distinct voice. The soundeffects used created an ominous, brooding atmosphere. A daunting introduction to the plot grips the audiences’ attention and carries throughout the story.  Some soundeffects sounded computer generated, others could’ve been physically improvised, either way there was a balance between the two. Some soundeffects were sudden and shock the audience, immersing them into the frightening experience. But perhaps the most clever soundeffect used was silence- the long pause in between scares fill the audience with tension and suspense. The plot to discover the identity of the killer is reminiscent of a classic “whodunnit” detective story with its own unique twists and plot developping moments. Private information about character’s pastlives is are revealed as the plot continues to search for the killer. Tempers flare, personalities clash, and secrets are kept as the group splits up to find the killer. The plot also kept the identity of the killer some what a mystery with a few controversial details along with it. In conclusion, “Dinner Party at 6” had the best soundeffects because their radioshow had the best sounding atmosphere for creating ominous tension for a noir story.


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