Noir/Pulp book cover

I was really inspired by this piece of artwork because I loved the dark and light contrast and it fits the bill perfectly for a noir/pulp fiction book cover or even TV series. The ominous message is being conveyed through the dark silhouette of a man walking through the steam/fog. He’s also wearing a hoodie that’s covering his head and face. You can really get a sense of the brooding atmosphere. The title , “Steel City” also adds to that ominous feeling knowing that this book will take place in an urban city, Detroit most likely from the Tigers sign on the lamp post. Detroit has a sprawling, urban landscape, the perfect venue for a story about violence or vice. The caption beneath also lets us know that the story will be centered around violence. “Sometimes all you need to clean up the streets is a gun” This caption also grabs the reader’s interest, you want to know what happens in the story before you even open the book.

Credit to: Brian Burns

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