Barriers to Being

I chose this piece as inspirational because of the message this picture sends. In actuality, the picture is asking a question, are you looking out through the bars or in? It’s a simple question but it has some deep philosophical meaning to it. The outside of the bars looks barren and deserted. So could we be looking through the bars from the outside? It’s all perspective. This says a lot about how people perceive obstacles in their mind. Some people feel trapped on the inside, like they can’t express their feelings or emotions the way they want. Another way to look at it is, some people feel trapped outside. They feel left out from society or from having friends just because they don’t know how to socialize as well as other people. Not condemning these people but this picture made me think about how people perceive being trapped within their own mind. You feel trapped until you realize there’s nothing out there and you were never trapped in the first place.

credit to: Cogdog

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