Firefly Minimalist Movie Poster

I was inspired by this piece of artwork mainly because what inspires me in art are posters or images with large, bold words. I admire how the artist used a minimalist approach for a movie poster, especially since most blockbuster movie posters have so much action committed to a single frame. The minimalist approach to me sends a clear concise message without filling up the entire space with pictures of characters. Especially for a TV series that was well received and critically acclaimed as Firefly. The poster has the slogan “Big Damn Heroes”, a popular phrase from Firefly, in big bold letters with a picture of a revolver beneath sends such a concise message that any Firefly fans will recognize. That’s actually who the poster of the film is tailored to. Fans of the Firefly series will instantly recognize this phrase and know that it’s about a Firefly movie.

Credit to: tokyo50mm

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