Silk Road Reflection

I was nervous listening to my radio show live for the first time. But i was confident that my group put a lot of effort into making this project. I was excited to read the comments to see what other students had to say about it. I felt like the comments reflected positive comments and great constructive criticism. There were obviously aspects we could’ve improved on such as being more “selective” with soundeffects but if I had a chance to do it over I don’t think I would change much. I was thrilled with how my group came together and assimilated our ideas and characters into a story. Most importantly my group took certain key elements of noir and created our own unique genre of noir. We wanted noir to be modern and subvert the dogmatic, offensive characteristics of noir fiction. The hardest part of this endevour was creating our own concept of noir. Once we brainstormed our own version of a noir story, we could adjust our characters to fit the standards of our story. The advice I would give to future ds106 students about this assignment would be to not be afraid to be bold or controversial when it comes to subverting elements of noir fiction. The basis of this assignment is to explore your own creativity with noir fiction, therefore being bold to take risks is essential.

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