Week 5: #vignelli

I thought the Vignelli article was very informative and gave a me greater insight into the process of creating design and how important meaning is to Design. Design is a art form, it requires rules, regulations, standards, but also creativity and expressiveness. Design requires great discipline to convey the right message, things cannot be done sloppily or carelessly. The text also includes pictures that depict examples of the countless ways that design is applied to everyday projects or pieces of art. Design is not only an art form but a discipline, like martial arts. Another aspect that the text touched on that I thought was great was the idea of timelessness. The idea that you could create a design that could embed its self into the global conscious as a classic, iconic symbol that lasts generations. The text also gives examples of the precision required for Design with Paper sizes. How each movement, position, font, text size has an impact on the overall message of the Design. The Canon also explains how the advent of the computer age changed the culture of Design publishing. I would say the best way to describe this text as a stirring piece on the nature of Design, the history and applications of Design in our modern culture. A detailed reference on Design that could be used as a text book for college students taking an intro to design class.

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