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Carter Smith

Character Movie Poster

This is the movie poster i created for my character. I used the TV show “Outlaw Star” as the image of background because that show’s main character has such similar traits to that of my character Carter Smith. Both are hard-nosed gunfighters, renegades willing to do anything to get the job done. Plus the fact that Outlaw Star takes place in the future and in space, it fits well with Carter Smith with him being a detective in the futuristic NYC of 2047.


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Dear Diary,

I do not know where to begin. Maybe I should start where everything went wrong. I was following this Cipriani family close, maybe too close. I had a person on the inside, a young girl, 18 years old. Her name was Maggie. She worked as a maid for one of the Cipriani brothers, Martin Cipriani. I caught her trying to break into a car about 6 months ago. I busted her but once i found out who she worked for, I could not resist. I gave her an ultimatum, either she could go to jail, or help me bring down the family by feeding me information. It was risky, but I was too obsessed with bringing down the Ciprianis I forgot I was playing with people’s lives. For weeks she was feeding me information, she’d listen in on conversations, plant bugs, even work a shift as an exotic dancer just to find out where the next shipment of dope was coming in. But i took it too far. She sent out an SOS signal from the Cipriani house. I drove like a madman to their mansion. Busted down the front door, only to find a trap. Except she wasn’t the hostage. Martin was. She had been planning to take down her employer the whole time. She knew if I helped her, it could give her enough time to take down both Martin and myself. I yelled at her to put the gun down. Tears filled Maggie’s eyes as she pointed it at me and whispered “I’m sor-“. That was when i shot her. I had no choice, she had the gun pointed at me and my target whom i needed alive. She was a strong girl. She could’ve been a fine detective. If only she listened. Oh God if only she listened. I’m sorry Maggie.


Detective Carter Smith

NYPD, 5th precinct

Week 7: What’s the Story Morning Glory? #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1297

This is the post i made for the Morning Glory assignment worth 2 stars. I decided to use it for my character’s awakening from a long night of crime fighting, he wakes up and immediately starts sipping from a soda cup he found lying around his apartment. Not the cleanest broom in the closet but he is still a dedicated officer of the law. He just had a rough night.

Week 7: Carter Smith’s Theme Music #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1432

This is my character’s theme song. For this assignment worth 4 points, i wanted to pick an instrumental that was upbeat and not downtrodden or depressing. I added sound effects that i thought fit Carter’s rhythm as he walks down the street. With attitude and cockiness. I also picked some gun shot sound effects to simulate the dangerous neighborhood he protects.

Week 7: Radio Show Progress #radioshowweek1

My group has made great progress with the ds106 radio show. We have decided to name our group “Neonoir”. The radio show will be called “The Silk Road”. Our theme is a modernized concept of noir. Taking the essentials of noir elements and translating them into a modernist concept of noir. Sound is the most crucial element of a radio show, our goal is to subvert the bigotry and archaic ideals that plague noir (xenophobia, sexism). My group members were creative and came up with some great ideas for a story. For example, Sarah had the idea to have a female protagonist, maybe a hacker who lives in an apartment and is involved in the black market, using modern technology such as smart phones, internet, laptops, etc. Since my character is a police detective, it would fit perfectly to have these two characters clash, a hacker being pursued by a detective who is only doing his job. We also decided to include allusions to the real life Silk Road, as well using the film “Sin City” for inspiration since the film is such a good example of modern noir.

Week 2: #characterdossier

My character’s name is Carter Smith. An NYPD detective in the year 2047. He was born in Brooklyn, NY 2022 to Robert and Linda Smith. Robert Smith, a police detective, and Linda Smith, a school teacher. After his father’s death, Carter and his mother moved to Queens and his mother remarried. After his stepfather was eventually murdered as well, Carter moved his mother and his younger half siblings down to Houston to be safe from the Mafia gang that was after them. After enlisting in the military for 7 years, he discharges and chooses to become a detective in the NYPD like his father in order to find the men who killed him. Highly motivated by love for his family and revenge on the death of his father. Carter also had a wife named Sarah and a daughter named Maya. Carter Smith a strong, brave, and vigilant officer. Though many of his fellow officers are concerned about his “lack of restraint” when it came to arresting criminals, particularly those serving Antonio Cipriani, the mafia don who leads the Cipriani crime family. Carter Smith grew up mostly in Queens, NY. He played basketball and football in high school and excelled at both. He also frequently practiced his skill at gun ranges since he was 16. He has a tendency to pursue his own vigilante efforts at thwarting the Mob in New York, without being under the badge of a police officer.