Week 7: Weekly Summary

This week has truly tuckered me out! But on the bright side a lot of work was accomplished this week with my group. Here is a summary of the work I accomplished this week with my group.

The first post was a summation of the progress my group made creating the name of our show, name of our group, we bounced around some great ideas about the themes and protagonists of our show. We had decided to name our group “NeoNoir” and the name of our show is “The Silk Road”. We named the group NeoNoir because our goal is to subvert the bigotry of noir and modernize by pulling the classic noir elements into the 21st century. We allude to the real life Silk Road which was used for trafficking drugs and other black market deals. We also compared our characters, tweaking ideas, seeing how our characters could fit into this modern noir story.

The second post was an Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was to use soundboards of our favorite celebrities and to simulate a conversation with the soundboard. I chose Mr. T for obvious reasons. (He’s tough and funny) and i thoroughly enjoyed the conversation i was able to create. This assignment really allowed me to harness my creativity and humor.

The third post was another Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was simulate a phone conversation between two characters from the tv show “The Wire”. I chose Omar and Stringer Bell. In my take, Stringer is calling Omar because of something that went horribly wrong during a bad drug deal. However because of police monitoring, Stringer cannot explicitly state what Omar did. I tried to emphasize the gravity of what Omar in my voice, (and trying to emulate Idris Elba is damn hard).

The fourth post was another Audio Assignment that focused on my character Carter Smith. This assignment was worth 4 stars. I had to create my own theme music, using instrumentals and sound effects, this time for my character. I wanted the music to be funky, kinda upbeat, but the sound effects would also show hostility that comes with being a police officer. Like a 70’s cop show.

The fifth post was the final Audio Assignment for the week that focused on my character. It is worth 2 stars. The objective of this assignment was to simulate my character waking up in the morning using sound effects but not from the computer. The sound effects could only come from me. To make this simple, my character wakes up from a long night of crime fighting, opens the door to the kitchen and finds a soda cup and sips from it. He is groggy and slightly hung-over. (Hey cops can catch a break too sometimes.)

The last post i made was the radio show bumper for our group. Since our group is called NeoNoir i wanted to put a futuristic spin on the radio show promo. i wanted the voice for the bumper to be deep and commanding and grab the listeners attention wherever they are. Whether they’re in the car, at home, at work, whenever they hear this promo they will stop what they’re doing and listen to our radio show.

Finally here is the link to my comments and the posts that i commented on.

That concludes my weekly post.

McLeod over and out.

Week 7: #radioshowpromo

This is the promo I decided to use for our radio show. Since we are modernizing noir, I wanted to put a futuristic spin on the bumper. Making the voice deep and commanding with an echo, it will catch the listener’s attention immediately and they won’t forget the impression that it left after they hear it. No matter what commercial they are listening to, the booming voice will remind them of the radio show that they are tuning into.

Week 7: What’s the Story Morning Glory? #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1297

This is the post i made for the Morning Glory assignment worth 2 stars. I decided to use it for my character’s awakening from a long night of crime fighting, he wakes up and immediately starts sipping from a soda cup he found lying around his apartment. Not the cleanest broom in the closet but he is still a dedicated officer of the law. He just had a rough night.

Week 7: Commenting











Here are the links for all the posts from others students that i have commented on. I felt that everyone did a great job with their posts, each post had its own unique quality, nothing felt repetitive. I saw a lot of creativity from other students. This actually helped me. Now that i can see the effort that other people are putting into their assignments, it makes me want to try to be even more creative with my own posts. Great job everyone.

Week 7: Carter Smith’s Theme Music #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1432

This is my character’s theme song. For this assignment worth 4 points, i wanted to pick an instrumental that was upbeat and not downtrodden or depressing. I added sound effects that i thought fit Carter’s rhythm as he walks down the street. With attitude and cockiness. I also picked some gun shot sound effects to simulate the dangerous neighborhood he protects.

Week 7: Who Called #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1529

Convo between Stringer and Omar. During this phone call, Stringer is very upset with Omar over a drug deal that ended badly. Because of security and wire tapping, Stringer can’t tell Omar specifically what he did for fear of being monitored by police. What really happened is Omar accidentally shot a young girl that was crossing the street, he fell when him and Stringer were escaping the drug deal when it was busted by the cops. Omar tripped fell and tragically shot a 6 year old girl after falling on his gun. Stringer is beside himself, thinking that Omar did it on purpose, on whether or not he did it intentionally, an innocent life was lost and the heat from the feds will only get higher.

Week 7: Soundboard #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1544

Conversation with Mr. T

This is a conversation I am having with one of my favorite celebrities, Mr. T. His gruff voice, attitude and hilarious one liners always had me reeling when i watched old “A-Team” reruns with my dad. I decided to create this comical encounter with “Clubber Lang” as i question his clothes, jewelry and past. I also insist that he not call me a “fool” anymore, i get tired of hearing that.

Week 7: Radio Show Progress #radioshowweek1

My group has made great progress with the ds106 radio show. We have decided to name our group “Neonoir”. The radio show will be called “The Silk Road”. Our theme is a modernized concept of noir. Taking the essentials of noir elements and translating them into a modernist concept of noir. Sound is the most crucial element of a radio show, our goal is to subvert the bigotry and archaic ideals that plague noir (xenophobia, sexism). My group members were creative and came up with some great ideas for a story. For example, Sarah had the idea to have a female protagonist, maybe a hacker who lives in an apartment and is involved in the black market, using modern technology such as smart phones, internet, laptops, etc. Since my character is a police detective, it would fit perfectly to have these two characters clash, a hacker being pursued by a detective who is only doing his job. We also decided to include allusions to the real life Silk Road, as well using the film “Sin City” for inspiration since the film is such a good example of modern noir.

Week 5: #designblitz

The first sign i photographed illustrated the lack of the element of Color in design. With a plain beige color background, white color letters and numbers this sign illustrates the lack of color element.

The second sign i photographed uses the element of Symbolism. I was intrigued by the photograph of Babe Ruth and the word “Drive”  underneath. To me this is a representation of what Babe Ruth and the word “Drive” means. Babe Ruth was an orphan who worked his way to fortune and fame. The word “Drive” serves as a mentality that if you have the drive to achieve something you can accomplish it. It’s a positive message to send to the world.

The third sign i photographed represents the element of Function. The symbols on the fire warning signs are simple and easy for any person to understand. There are no elaborate pictures with colors and textures, the design is simple so that everyone can easily understand what to do in a fire drill situation because the primary objective during a fire is safety.

The fourth sign i chose  illustrates the element of Proportion. The angle from which  took the photograph makes the characters on the sign seem larger and with more emphasis.