Born: Englewood, NJ

Currently Living: Largo, Maryland

Parents: Craig McLeod, Yeshiareg Dejene

Countries traveled to: Eygypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italty, UAE

Hobbies: Sports (basketball, soccer, baseball), listening to and producing music, writing music, paper airplanes.

Favorite Movies: Men in Black, Star Wars, Avengers, Coach Carter, Space Jam, Sixth Man, Triple 9, American Gangster, etc.

Favorite Musical Instruments: Piano, Cello, Violin, Saxophone, Trumpet (forced to play as a child)

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Famous Last Words Tutorial

Step 1) Come up with a witty, one line phrase that you would say before your untimely demise.

Eg: Famous-Last-Words2

Step 2) Using this phrase, create a background story that led up to your fictional death and the origin of the phrase used. Be as creative and humorous and as possible with this story.





TDC Idea #1

My first idea for a daily create is to record an animal/pet interacting with nature. This could be a pet or an animal in the backyard, even at a zoo. The point is be creative in how you record the animal, how close you are, and what the animal does. This gives this daily create a sense of unpredictable orginiality. You won’t controlling what the animal does just observing what it does on camera.

TDC Idea #2

My second idea for a daily create would be to either take a photograph or draw a picture that symbolizes your life’s goals and dreams. These can be as creative as possible, but be sure not to just take pictures of your ideal job location and say that’s your ambition. Be creative but don’t be too shy to share your real ambitions.


Assignment Idea #1

My first assignment idea was about creating a poster that calls for the legalisation of any injust law or doctrine within our country that people disagree with. The common examples i used for the poster were marijuana legalisation or gay marriage legalisation but the assignment can be used creatively for the legalisation of anything. The point is to be creative and bold with the artwork and message of the poster.


Assignment Idea #2

My second assignment idea was about either drawing or using computer software to create your own unique automobile for your character. The automobile has to reflect the personality traits and attitude of your character. The Batmobile always comes to mind as a great example. You can be creative as you wish with no limits on design or function. The design of the car has to be unique, other cars can be used for inspiration but don’t copy the design of an existing car and claim it as your  own.

Week 10

Week 10 has been tough. Have not had enough time to stay on track with much of ds106 with the Divest Sit-in taking up so much time. Here’s my week summmary.


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This daily create inspired me to write about a friend that i’ve known since freshmen. I wanted to use a personal story that shows how far a conversation with a stranger could. That it could blossom into a friendship that could last a long time.

Talk With a Stranger

I’ve always been able to handle conversations with strangers. I never really practiced it by regularly striking up conversations with people. It usually happened arbitrarily. But every time i never felt like the conversation was strained, it always felt natural. I remember the day i met one of my closest friends throughout college. We were both freshmen at the time, right after a glow party they threw for us during orientation week. I saw her and her friends sitting by the benches on my way back to my dorm. I walked up to them and striked up conversation about the party we came from. We all stayed up until 4 am laughing and playing games. Since then I’ve been pretty good friends with her. We see each other every day, go to the same class, and hang out pretty much every week. It goes to show you how a conversation with a stranger could turn into a friendship that lasts years.

Week 9 Summary

This week has quite a challenge for me learning how to deal with the assignments of DS106. Let me tell you about it.

Radio show Reflection

I had the pleasure of listening in on some great radio shows from my fellow students. “Dinner Party at 6” was probably one of the more engrossing radio shows of all the groups. They did a spectacular job of using soundeffects to create a brooding, ominous atmosphere for their listeners. Their soundeffects were scary and stimulated tension and suspense.

“Silk Road” Radio Show Reflection

For the final reflection on my group radio show, I was thrilled to listen to my radio show on live radio for the first time. I felt my group did an amazing job at combing our ideas and creating our own version of film noir. The comments were positive and showed great room for constructive criticism.

Daily Create

For the daily create this week, I chose to create a video for myself in the future, 15 years from now! In the video, I spoke to my future self as someone who has already lived through all my life experiences even ones I haven’t lived yet. I wanted to thank my future self for being strong and enduring past the hardships of this period of life. And that even though my life might have seemed hard at some points, Daniel from 2030 kept on perservering.

Video Assignments

For the video assignment, this assignment was worth 4 points and I incorporated my own character in this video. I had to display my character’s personality through video clips. I couldn’t get video clips so I just found photos of certain anti-hero characters that inspired me to create my own character. They all reflect characteristics that are ubiquitous with Carter Smith.

This week has been quite a challenge, but I enjoyed all the learning experiences from getting used to new technology and learning how to read movies better.