We’re All In This Together: A Dash of Design for Team Noirpaca

I chose this piece of artwork simply because i admired the aesthetic qualities of the image. The fox is drawn in such a unique way that I’ve  never seen before. The brush strokes and the design patterns the artist used to paint the different areas of the fox’s body are unique. This image inspires me to want to create my own art through painting or photography. Especially creating art about things in nature such as animals or landscapes.

Credit to: Amy Fanghella



Firefly Minimalist Movie Poster

I was inspired by this piece of artwork mainly because what inspires me in art are posters or images with large, bold words. I admire how the artist used a minimalist approach for a movie poster, especially since most blockbuster movie posters have so much action committed to a single frame. The minimalist approach to me sends a clear concise message without filling up the entire space with pictures of characters. Especially for a TV series that was well received and critically acclaimed as Firefly. The poster has the slogan “Big Damn Heroes”, a popular phrase from Firefly, in big bold letters with a picture of a revolver beneath sends such a concise message that any Firefly fans will recognize. That’s actually who the poster of the film is tailored to. Fans of the Firefly series will instantly recognize this phrase and know that it’s about a Firefly movie.

Credit to: tokyo50mm



The experience of listening to other students’ radio shows is unique for everyone because you get the opportunity to explore other people’s art and listen to the ideas they express through their radio show. For NOIRtalks, listening to their radio show was an intriguing experience. They mainly used their own voices for creating tension, advancing the plot, and uncovering information about the characters, all of this was quite impressive. They also kept the audience in the dark about most of the information about the characters. Damen and Layla answered questions that were posed by the interviewer, however the manner in which they answered the questions is crucial because that’s how information is revealed and tension is built. They did use other sound effects though. Occasionally, after each segment of questions, a cellphone would ring and the interviewer would answer to anonymous person to whom she only referred to as “sir”. Damen was a shy and nervous character who was questioning why he was answering these questions and refrained from answering anymore questions at one point. Layla seemed confident even a little sinister at certain points. Whoever did her voice made an excellent job of using their own voice to express character, tone, and create tension. Especially when she mentioned her “Russian” friends that could help her. The most interesting part of the radio show was the end. The interviewer had just returned from answering another mysterious phone call, just after Layla was about to reveal some shocking information about the interviewer’s employer. Then you hear someone press a button and a loud explosion is heard. The sound effects sounded genuine but not from a sound effect generator. The sound effects of the explosion sounded as if they were made by hand. Another outstanding example of ingenuity. Afterwards the interviewer, coughing, answers the phone the last time, this time referring to her employer as “Mr. President”. This radio show left me scratching my head with unanswered questions and the suspense was a bit nerve wracking. Hats off to NOIRtalks for a great job and creating a talk show that was seeping with tension, drama, and suspense.

Week 7: Spring Break Summary

Radio Show Week 2

This week has been quite a challenge. However I am glad that my group has achieved a lot in this past week before and during Spring Break. ‘NeoNoir’ has progressed greatly, we already have our script and storyboard created for our radio show. We have integrated all our characters into the plot of our radio show and each character fits beautifully with the story. Our characters demonstrate a modern update of classic noir stereotypes. We wanted to have characters that weren’t hindered by the archaic, misogynistic mentality of the 1940’s. Our story has action, suspense, corruption, revenge, and even romance. These qualities are, what we believe, are central to any noir plot.


I continued commenting on other student’s blogs and posts and I was surprised by what i found. I didn’t know that certain students used their blogs to express their interests in movies and novels that I also shared interest in. Not only does commenting affirm students that their work is impressive but it also gives you a chance to express your shared interests and admiration for their creativity. I enjoyed reading and exploring what students have shared on their blogs!

Daily Create

This daily create is a reflection of when a limitation became a strength for me and helped blossom my creativity. Not necessarily having to do with writing or drawing but athletics. Just a memory I had of a basketball camp I went to over the summer eons ago. I remember that memory so fondly because it changed my perspective of a sport I have loved since childhood, Basketball.

In summary this week has been challenging but as I learned with the daily creates, limitations can often bring out the best in you.

On with Spring Break!


Week 7: Commenting











Week 7: #radioshowweek2

This week my group “Neonoir” pushed even further in our progress of creating this radio show. This week my group and I started crafting the script for the radio show, including dialogue and actor blocking (movements). With this script my group was able to create the environment and character personality through descriptions and actor dialogue respectively. We included all of our own characters in the script and we made great progress in crafting the story for our radio show. My character, Carter is an NYPD detective who’s trying to track down a dangerous cartel leader named Folami Turay. This cartel leader apparently murded Sophie’s sister, Katie. Sophie is a hacker who is aiding in the effort of catching Folami since she has a personal reason to do so. I really enjoyed how well my group put together the script for the radio show. There’s some great potential for character and plot development. There’s even some taboo love interests that make the plot more interesting. We also included where we’re going to place bumpers in the script for the radio show. This script has plenty of classic noir elements but also aspects of noir that we have modernized to fit the theme we selected.

Here’s the word document version of our script so far.


Week 7: Weekly Summary

This week has truly tuckered me out! But on the bright side a lot of work was accomplished this week with my group. Here is a summary of the work I accomplished this week with my group.

The first post was a summation of the progress my group made creating the name of our show, name of our group, we bounced around some great ideas about the themes and protagonists of our show. We had decided to name our group “NeoNoir” and the name of our show is “The Silk Road”. We named the group NeoNoir because our goal is to subvert the bigotry of noir and modernize by pulling the classic noir elements into the 21st century. We allude to the real life Silk Road which was used for trafficking drugs and other black market deals. We also compared our characters, tweaking ideas, seeing how our characters could fit into this modern noir story.

The second post was an Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was to use soundboards of our favorite celebrities and to simulate a conversation with the soundboard. I chose Mr. T for obvious reasons. (He’s tough and funny) and i thoroughly enjoyed the conversation i was able to create. This assignment really allowed me to harness my creativity and humor.

The third post was another Audio Assignment that was worth 4 stars. The objective of the assignment was simulate a phone conversation between two characters from the tv show “The Wire”. I chose Omar and Stringer Bell. In my take, Stringer is calling Omar because of something that went horribly wrong during a bad drug deal. However because of police monitoring, Stringer cannot explicitly state what Omar did. I tried to emphasize the gravity of what Omar in my voice, (and trying to emulate Idris Elba is damn hard).

The fourth post was another Audio Assignment that focused on my character Carter Smith. This assignment was worth 4 stars. I had to create my own theme music, using instrumentals and sound effects, this time for my character. I wanted the music to be funky, kinda upbeat, but the sound effects would also show hostility that comes with being a police officer. Like a 70’s cop show.

The fifth post was the final Audio Assignment for the week that focused on my character. It is worth 2 stars. The objective of this assignment was to simulate my character waking up in the morning using sound effects but not from the computer. The sound effects could only come from me. To make this simple, my character wakes up from a long night of crime fighting, opens the door to the kitchen and finds a soda cup and sips from it. He is groggy and slightly hung-over. (Hey cops can catch a break too sometimes.)

The last post i made was the radio show bumper for our group. Since our group is called NeoNoir i wanted to put a futuristic spin on the radio show promo. i wanted the voice for the bumper to be deep and commanding and grab the listeners attention wherever they are. Whether they’re in the car, at home, at work, whenever they hear this promo they will stop what they’re doing and listen to our radio show.

Finally here is the link to my comments and the posts that i commented on.

That concludes my weekly post.

McLeod over and out.

Week 7: #radioshowpromo

This is the promo I decided to use for our radio show. Since we are modernizing noir, I wanted to put a futuristic spin on the bumper. Making the voice deep and commanding with an echo, it will catch the listener’s attention immediately and they won’t forget the impression that it left after they hear it. No matter what commercial they are listening to, the booming voice will remind them of the radio show that they are tuning into.

Week 7: What’s the Story Morning Glory? #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1297

This is the post i made for the Morning Glory assignment worth 2 stars. I decided to use it for my character’s awakening from a long night of crime fighting, he wakes up and immediately starts sipping from a soda cup he found lying around his apartment. Not the cleanest broom in the closet but he is still a dedicated officer of the law. He just had a rough night.

Week 7: Commenting











Here are the links for all the posts from others students that i have commented on. I felt that everyone did a great job with their posts, each post had its own unique quality, nothing felt repetitive. I saw a lot of creativity from other students. This actually helped me. Now that i can see the effort that other people are putting into their assignments, it makes me want to try to be even more creative with my own posts. Great job everyone.