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Here is my video to my future self in the year 2030. I reflect on how my future self would reminisce on my life my to this point in 2015. My future self would be more mature, more responsible, and look back on this difficult period in my life as a time of growth.



Silk Road Reflection

I was nervous listening to my radio show live for the first time. But i was confident that my group put a lot of effort into making this project. I was excited to read the comments to see what other students had to say about it. I felt like the comments reflected positive comments and great constructive criticism. There were obviously aspects we could’ve improved on such as being more “selective” with soundeffects but if I had a chance to do it over I don’t think I would change much. I was thrilled with how my group came together and assimilated our ideas and characters into a story. Most importantly my group took certain key elements of noir and created our own unique genre of noir. We wanted noir to be modern and subvert the dogmatic, offensive characteristics of noir fiction. The hardest part of this endevour was creating our own concept of noir. Once we brainstormed our own version of a noir story, we could adjust our characters to fit the standards of our story. The advice I would give to future ds106 students about this assignment would be to not be afraid to be bold or controversial when it comes to subverting elements of noir fiction. The basis of this assignment is to explore your own creativity with noir fiction, therefore being bold to take risks is essential.


Dinner party at 6

“Dinner Party at 6” is the talkshow that had the best use of soundeffects out of the talkshows I’ve listened to. Cleverly inspired by the classic board game, “Clue”, their characters were memorable and each had a distinct voice. The soundeffects used created an ominous, brooding atmosphere. A daunting introduction to the plot grips the audiences’ attention and carries throughout the story.  Some soundeffects sounded computer generated, others could’ve been physically improvised, either way there was a balance between the two. Some soundeffects were sudden and shock the audience, immersing them into the frightening experience. But perhaps the most clever soundeffect used was silence- the long pause in between scares fill the audience with tension and suspense. The plot to discover the identity of the killer is reminiscent of a classic “whodunnit” detective story with its own unique twists and plot developping moments. Private information about character’s pastlives is are revealed as the plot continues to search for the killer. Tempers flare, personalities clash, and secrets are kept as the group splits up to find the killer. The plot also kept the identity of the killer some what a mystery with a few controversial details along with it. In conclusion, “Dinner Party at 6” had the best soundeffects because their radioshow had the best sounding atmosphere for creating ominous tension for a noir story.


Weekly Summary

This week has been chock full of activities. Where to start? I guess I should go in order.

Radio Listen

My first post i had to listen to other students’ radio shows and reflect on what I had heard. I was very impressed with how NOIRtalks took advantage of creating their own sound effects and really using their voices to carry the tension, plot, and suspense.


My second assignment, I went to the inspire website to explore the artwork and creativity of other students and nonetheless I was blown away. I was amazed by the artistry of the students and i could sense the dedication and passion they had for certain things, by how they expressed them through their own art. They expressed their passion for tv shows, global preservation, movies, even their own pets! I wrote about how each piece inspired me in a certain way by forcing me to think about certain issues.

Character Collaboration

The next post focused on the ds106 assignment bank. This time we could any type of assignment, but it had to be designed specifically to our own character. Here we were given more freedom to choose assignments and have fun with how we integrated out characters into the assignment. The first assignment i chose to write a diary from the mind of my character. Here I was given the freedom to create whatever stories i wanted about my character. I decided to display the fact that my character was filled with regret and guilt for the murder of a young girl. The second assignment i used as a poster board for my character. If Carter Smith was to star in his own movie, this is the poster that they would use for it. I used “Outlaw Star” as a backdrop because that show, even though it’s anime, does have a lot of elements that are shared with my character.

Daily Create

My daily create consisted of a poem that i wrote about how music has impacted my life. I chose to write about how music a struggle between the artist and himself or herself. At first it feels like the music is going against you. But that’s only your own fear and insecurities that are holding you back from becoming a real artist. A real artist is one who speaks his life and lets the beat serve as a vessel for carrying that message to the world.


My final post is about commenting. I chose pieces of work to comment on that i felt i had a connection to. If it was about a movies series i watched or had something personal in it that i connected with, i commented on it. I was surprised to see how students were taking so much of their personal lives and integrating that into their art and blogs. That takes courage but also not caring about what others think. Some posts were funny, some others were creative but I enjoyed the experience of exploring other people’s work.


This has been week 8 with Daniel McLeod, signing off.



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This is my daily create about how music changed my life. I made a poem about how music is a struggle between the artist and himself. How he needs to overcome his own battles and demons in order to become a real artist. A real artist is someone who express him or herself and not letting the beat takeover the song. The song has to be about you not the beat. Let the beat be your instrument for telling your story.


Music is pain, Music is struggle

Music is a competition, artists like athletes, their

bodies their rendition. Music is a story, about a

man and his song. Will he spread his story or wait

too long? Only he can decide, music and the body

move smoothly in stride. Do you make the beat

or does the beat make you? Real artists are

competitors, no matter who’s their competitor,

they make the beat better, so clever how they

place words carefully together. Always remember

you ARE the beat and the song, a competition

between you and yourself, once you know that

nothing can go wrong.

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Carter Smith

Character Movie Poster

This is the movie poster i created for my character. I used the TV show “Outlaw Star” as the image of background because that show’s main character has such similar traits to that of my character Carter Smith. Both are hard-nosed gunfighters, renegades willing to do anything to get the job done. Plus the fact that Outlaw Star takes place in the future and in space, it fits well with Carter Smith with him being a detective in the futuristic NYC of 2047.


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Dear Diary,

I do not know where to begin. Maybe I should start where everything went wrong. I was following this Cipriani family close, maybe too close. I had a person on the inside, a young girl, 18 years old. Her name was Maggie. She worked as a maid for one of the Cipriani brothers, Martin Cipriani. I caught her trying to break into a car about 6 months ago. I busted her but once i found out who she worked for, I could not resist. I gave her an ultimatum, either she could go to jail, or help me bring down the family by feeding me information. It was risky, but I was too obsessed with bringing down the Ciprianis I forgot I was playing with people’s lives. For weeks she was feeding me information, she’d listen in on conversations, plant bugs, even work a shift as an exotic dancer just to find out where the next shipment of dope was coming in. But i took it too far. She sent out an SOS signal from the Cipriani house. I drove like a madman to their mansion. Busted down the front door, only to find a trap. Except she wasn’t the hostage. Martin was. She had been planning to take down her employer the whole time. She knew if I helped her, it could give her enough time to take down both Martin and myself. I yelled at her to put the gun down. Tears filled Maggie’s eyes as she pointed it at me and whispered “I’m sor-“. That was when i shot her. I had no choice, she had the gun pointed at me and my target whom i needed alive. She was a strong girl. She could’ve been a fine detective. If only she listened. Oh God if only she listened. I’m sorry Maggie.


Detective Carter Smith

NYPD, 5th precinct


Noir/Pulp book cover

I was really inspired by this piece of artwork because I loved the dark and light contrast and it fits the bill perfectly for a noir/pulp fiction book cover or even TV series. The ominous message is being conveyed through the dark silhouette of a man walking through the steam/fog. He’s also wearing a hoodie that’s covering his head and face. You can really get a sense of the brooding atmosphere. The title , “Steel City” also adds to that ominous feeling knowing that this book will take place in an urban city, Detroit most likely from the Tigers sign on the lamp post. Detroit has a sprawling, urban landscape, the perfect venue for a story about violence or vice. The caption beneath also lets us know that the story will be centered around violence. “Sometimes all you need to clean up the streets is a gun” This caption also grabs the reader’s interest, you want to know what happens in the story before you even open the book.

Credit to: Brian Burns


Barriers to Being

I chose this piece as inspirational because of the message this picture sends. In actuality, the picture is asking a question, are you looking out through the bars or in? It’s a simple question but it has some deep philosophical meaning to it. The outside of the bars looks barren and deserted. So could we be looking through the bars from the outside? It’s all perspective. This says a lot about how people perceive obstacles in their mind. Some people feel trapped on the inside, like they can’t express their feelings or emotions the way they want. Another way to look at it is, some people feel trapped outside. They feel left out from society or from having friends just because they don’t know how to socialize as well as other people. Not condemning these people but this picture made me think about how people perceive being trapped within their own mind. You feel trapped until you realize there’s nothing out there and you were never trapped in the first place.

credit to: Cogdog