Status Update

After weeks of planning and strategizing the order has eliminated one of our main targets this week for counterterrorism. General Yuri Andropov, the Russian leader of a paramilitary terrorist organization in Ukraine was eliminated as 5 agents from the League were dispatched near his compound in Kazakistan. During the gunfight several of his operatives were captured and will face interrogation. This is a great step for the agency. General Andropov has been on our blacklist for months now and his connections with other terrorist organizations made him an important target for us.

Weekly Summary

The order has finally arrived. Our message will be simple and clear. Our goal is to correct the course of human history. To bring peace and tranquility to a world tortured with corruption and violence.

The Birth of the Order

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The Birth of the Order

In a distant dystopian future, after witnessing the world’s governments begin to crumble under the widespread corruption, tranny, and and violenet acts of genocide. A group of international soldiers assembled together to form an order ofinternational peacekeepers. This coalition is dedicated to thwarting and eliminating corrupt world governments and terrorist organizations.

Mission Statement

Crime. Tyranny. Oppression. Murder. Our world is corrupted with the sins of the wicked. Our cities have become havens for thieves, fiends, murderers, and rapists. Our governments have turned to ruthless dictators, mercilessly killing any who challenge their power. Our world is crumbling under the sin of man. We seek to correct the course of human history. We seek to bring about a new world order to restore the peace by any means necessary. We are the League of Outlaws. Forged in secrecy, our governments would declare us enemies of the state if we made our own affairs public. We do not owe allegiance to any nation, flag, or government. The weak and feeble attempts made by politicians who claim that “democracy” will lead to change. We exercise our own form of justice on those who oppress and terrorize innocent people. Our goal is to eliminate so called “world leaders” who’s genocidal governments leave nothing but death and sorrow in their wake.